I like ripping their heads off first.
Please don’t tell anyone, but I sit on mine to make them warm before I eat them.
Seriously, setting them on fire is so fun.

Yes, these are direct quotes. 

There are a million ways to eat a Peep.
Peeps are fun to eat, but they are most certainly more fun to play with.


Play With Your Peeps social campaign

After discovering that people have a million different ways to play with their Peeps, we wanted Peeps to own the quirky ways in which people interact with their product. Peeps dioramas are already pretty popular, but that usually doesn't lead to people consuming the product afterward. We made these stop motion gifs to show which ways you might prepare your Peeps for their death - when you eat them. 


We matched zodiac signs and their respective personality traits to their ideal way to play with and eat a Peep. 


Ever wanted to share the way you play with a Peep before you devour it? Sick. Now you can. We developed a set of Peep emojis (Peepmojis, if you will). Below are a few favorites. 

Made with Copywriter and partner in destruction, Kaitlin DeMayo.