Currently, a mobile platform for signing petitions does not exist. is a fantastic online platform for signing, creating and sharing petitions. However, is not the only website where people can create and sign petitions. Over ten other websites exist that do the same thing (,,,, just to name a few). Desktop platforms are still limiting, and petitions on the lesser-known websites may not be as visible to the public as the ones on As it stands today, does not have a mobile website version, or a mobile app. 


Steph Langan and I created RIPL. Similar in structure to the Apple news app, RIPL allows users to sign in and choose the topics they care most about. Then, RIPL aggregates a curated, up-to-date feed of petitions pulled from a collection of the petition sites across the web. RIPL enables users to create, sign, monitor progress, and share petitions from their phone, thus expediting and making the process easier and more accessible. 



Our goal is to influence commuters to utilize RIPL on their subway or bus rides with ad placements in those respective spaces. Downtime during commutes offers perfect opportunity to get involved and scroll through, sign, share or create petitions. We foresee other ads as well that spotlight different specific petitions that were passed by using RIPL. 


Creating a Facebook page for RIPL is an easy way to get the word out about the app. Publicizing petition success stories on the RIPL page and in sponsored posts has potential to get people interested in the app and will drive app downloads and usage.