Technology has accommodated long distance couples with the illusion of being together via FaceTime, Skype, etc. but the underlying issue with these couples is the lack of feeling physically united with their significant other. 

Our team has a very close personal connection to this topic, because not only am I about to embark on the journey that is long-distance, but Maria has been in a successful long-distance relationship for over a year. We felt that this would lend a truthful lens to the scope of the products we developed. 


Our team has developed a new two-part product: UNMI. Our brand focus is comfort. The brand name "Unmi" (pronounced oon-me) is to signify "you" and "me". The logo is a rectangle and a circle that have joined together, to symbolize two different parts coming together and creating a whole. 

The first part of Unmi is a blanket. The blanket begins as a single unified cloth that is then is cut in half. Once cut, each half is delivered to the long distance couple respectively in a personalized box. The blanket cut and color is 100% customizable, making the blanket especially unique to each couple as a whole. 

The second part of Unmi is the customized blanket spray. Unmi has partnered with French parfumerie owner, Katia Apaletegui, in order to capture the scent of each long distance lover into a unique perfume. Each couple will send in a t-shirt to Unmi, where their scent will be extracted, turned into a liquid perfume, bottled, and sent along with the blanket to the other person in the long-distance relationship. The t-shirt will be returned once the perfume is extracted.

Scent is the strongest tie to memory, so our goal is to only exponentially add to the comfort of the blanket by making it smell like each person's counterpart.

Once each person's scent is captured and bottled, and the blankets are customized and cut, they are then sent to the couples' addresses on the date they indicate as the "moving day" they will be physically separated. This ensures they will feel comforted from the very first day they are apart.

The UNMI website landing page, where new visitors are invited to enter the website. 

The UNMI website landing page, where new visitors are invited to enter the website. 

Unmi shopping landing page showcases examples of blanket designs and shows the customer the product.