On being the least experienced in the room

I am such a happy person when I am constantly learning, no matter what it's about. If I'm taking in anything, and expanding what I know and understand, I feel at home. I love a good challenge. I love creation.

At the end of January, I started a new job. The actual position is exactly what I want to be doing right at this moment. I have daily responsibilities, I have long-term and short-term projects to work on. My bosses are incredibly helpful and want me to grow. The best part is: I'm surrounded by people who are better than me

I am, for sure, the least experienced person in the room. Probably at all times. And I could not be happier.

I have all these people with their knowledge as resources for me. Not to mention, everyone in my department wants to teach, and show their skills to other people, so I make a perfect audience. 

Lately, one of my coworkers challenged me to pursue my desire to learn 3D animation. A couple of the guys suggested bypassing re-introducing myself to After Effects and going straight for Cinema4D. So today, I began doing that. 

Thanks to and the incredible tutorials available, I think my journey to learn Cinema4D will be less daunting than expected. Here's my first 4-second clip animating text using Cineware (the lite version) for After Effects.

Cheers to creating every day!