Felix's First Year

I met Berto Oliveira in high school, when we were both on the rowing team at Winter Park High. This guy is absolutely hilarious. One of my earliest (and fondest) memories of Berto was him dressed up in a full cow suit down at the boathouse, udders included. Case and point. 

Not only that, but he has always been a loving, all-around nice guy who can be fast friends with anyone. Everyone loves Berto.

So, when he messaged me asking if he could schedule a photoshoot to celebrate his son's first birthday, I was beyond pumped. Not only had I not seen Berto since approximately 2009, but I hadn't met his beautiful wife, Lillie, or his cute little nugget, Felix! This day was sure to be special to me.  I know that Lillie and Berto are so proud of this sweet, silly little man they are doing such a wonderful job at raising and loving. So, here is a little peek at the photos from that day. 

Felix s First Birthday-Felix s First Birthday-0060.jpg

What a beautiful family! Thank you, Berto & Lillie!