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Wild Child Session: Halie // Fort Yargo State Park

In the photography world, social media is a legitimate business-growing tool. The Facebook groups, the meet-ups, the blog sharing. It's all a way to get to know those in your industry, to learn, to grow, to foster relationships. To be inspired

All you fellow photographers are nodding your heads yes. I know you are. 

When I really discovered how powerful social media is for me personally, I dove in head-first. One of the first people who I discovered through an Atlanta photographers group was Halie Johnson, of Halie J. Photography. Instantly, I was blown away by her style and her true talent. 

Me being me, I obviously reached out to her via email and essentially professed my love of her work and her personality that clearly shone through her images. We messaged back and forth a few times, and I knew we would click, and I was determined to meet her in person! 

When coming up with the concept for this photoshoot, my makeup artist, Margaret Snider, and I were trying to think where we could find someone who fit the edgy look we were going for. On top of that, we needed someone comfortable enough in their own skin, and brave enough to get down to their johns in the woods for us. We needed someone who could handle the transition perfectly from light and beautiful to dark and mysterious and haunting. 

So I reached out to Halie. The rest is history. 

I guess you could say, long story short, the first time we met, I got Halie to get down to her undies in 45 degree weather, sitting on a rock in a State Park. She's pretty cool like that. 

I hope you absolutely love these pictures as much as I do. I'm not afraid to say that I am so excited to share these with everyone, and I am so proud of this photoshoot! 

Model: Halie Johnson (
Makeup: Margaret Snider (website coming soon!)
Styling and Art Direction: Alex McClelland & Margaret Snider