decatur ga

An Afternoon in Decatur

We may as well declare it a national holiday. I finally convinced my roommate to let me take pictures of her. "We've only lived together for a year... it's about time I let you take my picture," she said. Yeah. You think?!

Carolyn and I like going on adventures around Atlanta and discovering new places, and so we could kill two birds with one stone, we set off for Decatur. We'd been once or twice but not for long, and we didn't get to explore as much as we would have liked to. So that's what this day was for!

Naturally, we stopped to get something from a bakery, because we've both got an insatiable sweet tooth. And from our experience, we highly recommend anything from Cakes & Ale's bake shop. We got a homemade oatmeal cream pie, and even though the pictures make it look like Carolyn ate it all, she basically only had one bite. 

Just FYI, in the photos where Carolyn is smiling, it's probably because she's laughing at me, or at herself. I love you Carolyn!!

IMG_1642 copy.jpg
IMG_1706 copy.jpg