san souci farm wedding

Will & Joy: San Souci Farm Wedding

Will Fortanbary: Incredibly driven. Loyal and loving.  Honest. Wants to change the world.

Joy Gannaway: Whip-smart. Radiant. Compassionate. Strong, and absolutely stunning. (The puns never cease, so I will also say she is JOYFUL).

Words cannot describe how perfect this day was.  

From the details of the flowers, Joy in her perfect dress, the beautiful farm and that killer sunset sunset, to how hilarious the groomsmen were, the stunning and sweet bridesmaids, and just how ridiculously in love Will and Joy were. Their happiness was infectious and it undoubtedly made the entire day such an incredible gift to be a part of. 

These two are an incredible example of a Christian couple who follow the path that God has set out for them. They are always smiling, always loving and unfailingly faithful, and it was clear that their friends and family looked on at their marriage in awe and wonder. I am so excited for them on the start of their journey together and I cannot wait to see where their love for each other and God takes them! 

Here are some of the images from their awesome day, which also happened to be Will's birthday. So happy birthday and happy wedding day to Will and Joy Fortanbary! 


Happily ever after to the sweetest couple in the world.