Joy & Will: Engaged!

One of the best parts of starting my new job earlier this year was making new friends. Also recent hire like myself, Will Fortanbary is a passionate, hilarious and brilliant motion graphics artist with a fire for Jesus. We became friends quickly, and he is constantly pushing me to be a better designer and person. This kid wants to change the world in a big way, and he'll tell you so. Several times a day. 

One thing I admire about Will is his love for his fiancee, Joy. He talks about Joy all the time. He doesn't just talk about her all the time. He knows she's way out of his league (and everyone's league, for that matter). Joy is pretty darn close to perfect, from her stunning good looks to her sweet heart and her really fun personality. They're both so awesome, and I was really pumped to spend the afternoon with them. We had a blast, and as you'll be able to tell from a few of the photos, these two are so fun and some of the biggest goofballs ever. 

I absolutely cannot wait to shoot their wedding this September! Will & Joy, you rock. So excited for you two, and I'm praying for ya as you get closer towards becoming Mr. and Mrs. Fortanbary!


Saturday morning session: Bob + Betsy

It's back! My latest Saturday morning session from this past weekend down in Winter Park, Florida is up on my portfolio. This time, it's featuring Bob and Betsy McClelland, also known as: my parents. 

I've been wanting to photograph them for a long time now. My love of photography blossomed when I was in college, and during that four year period, I wasn't home very much. And, when I was home, I was typically catching up with my friends. Since I had a spare moment to breathe on Saturday morning before a wedding, I wanted to spend that time with my parents.

My parents are incredible people, individually and as a unit. They are the definition of commitment. Through it all, they support each other and refuse to give up. I admire them for their unwavering love for each other, God, and my brother and I. I hope someday I will blessed to find someone as committed to me as they are to each other! I love you Mom & Dad. Thanks for supporting me when I'm chasing my dreams, even when I'm sometimes unrealistic. You rock. 

Head over to their page in my portfolio to see all the images!