winter park florida

Saturday morning session: Bob + Betsy

It's back! My latest Saturday morning session from this past weekend down in Winter Park, Florida is up on my portfolio. This time, it's featuring Bob and Betsy McClelland, also known as: my parents. 

I've been wanting to photograph them for a long time now. My love of photography blossomed when I was in college, and during that four year period, I wasn't home very much. And, when I was home, I was typically catching up with my friends. Since I had a spare moment to breathe on Saturday morning before a wedding, I wanted to spend that time with my parents.

My parents are incredible people, individually and as a unit. They are the definition of commitment. Through it all, they support each other and refuse to give up. I admire them for their unwavering love for each other, God, and my brother and I. I hope someday I will blessed to find someone as committed to me as they are to each other! I love you Mom & Dad. Thanks for supporting me when I'm chasing my dreams, even when I'm sometimes unrealistic. You rock. 

Head over to their page in my portfolio to see all the images! 

Senior Session with Amelia Riley

Hey y'all!! I am so excited to introduce to you my latest senior, Amelia Riley. She just graduated from Winter Park High School and is Bama bound in the fall! I've known Amelia since she was about five years old. She is one of my oldest friend's little sisters, and I have memories of sleepovers and little Amelia running around :) She's grown up into an absolutely stunning young woman with a pure heart, and she's hilarious. 

Here are my favorite images from our shoot this past Friday evening. Head over to my portfolio to see the full set of images! (Here is the link) More images coming soon from my latest Saturday morning session featuring one of my all time favorite couples on earth... (If you need a hint, here it is: I call them Mom and Dad). 

PS: Happy Memorial Day! Here's to our those who have helped establish and continue to protect your freedom.