photo edits

Sarah's late July adventure shoot

There are not very many things I enjoy more than spending time with friends, exploring new places and learning new things. 

When my new friend from work, Sarah, approached me expressing her desire to get out of her comfort zone and in front of the camera, the idea for this shoot really came to life while my good friend Margaret and I were daydreaming about how we could make it an adventure for all of us. 

Margaret is a makeup artist, a creative soul as well, and a very dear friend of mine. Most of our conversation is either spent discussing our ideas for styled shoots, or about our wanderlust, or some combination of both. So, styled shoots while we travel the world. Our ideal jobs. Needless to say, we were excited to collaborate on our very first real shoot together.

After planning and rescheduling a few times, it all finally came to life.

This past Saturday, Sarah, Margaret and I drove 45 minutes southwest of Atlanta to find rolling hills, tall pines and the perfect sunset light. That we did. Slowly but surely, Sarah found her comfort in front of the camera, and let me tell you... The camera loves her. When you check out these pictures, that quickly becomes obvious.

I know whoever sees these images sees the confident, beautiful woman we see everyday. I hope you all love these images and admire Sarah as much as I do! I am still having so much fun exploring tons of different edits with these. I honestly had the hardest time narrowing these down to share, but here are a few favorites from our evening!


Double vision

In an effort to get more pretty prints on my walls in my apartment, I've been exploring double exposure edits with some of my shots. Slightly haunting and eery. Nonetheless, still beautiful. 

If you'd like to order some prints or request a custom photo edit, contact me!


My best friend and photo muse, Morgan, reminded me that about a year ago I made this mix for her. So I'm sharing it with you all! Happy summer.