saturday sessions

Saturday afternoon with Dar-Wei Chen (& Carolyn Levitan)

This week, my usually long early Saturday morning session was a super-quick Saturday afternoon session, abbreviated by poor weather. My roommate, Carolyn, came with me to meet my old friend from high school, Dar-Wei Chen. Dar-Wei recently reached out to me after seeing some of my blog posts and volunteered to be featured on my blog. Dar-Wei is currently ending his second year of a six year doctorate program at Georgia Tech. 

He's awesome, very kind, and crazy smart. Dar-Wei is also incredibly humble, so he'd never tell you that, but it's true. And as Carolyn and I got to witness firsthand, he's pretty slick with a deck of cards.

So, here are the few photos I got from our short Saturday afternoon session with an old friend and my roommate.